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Healthy summer snacks for kids!

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Milk and cookies may be a classic, but they will only get you so far in the (looong) summer holidays! I have compiled some snack ideas that are sure to impress both the kids and adults around your patio this summer. As parents, it is is our parental duty to teach our children to eat more fruits (and veggies). Summer is a great time to experiment with different fruits because there are so many in season. They are great to have by themselves as a snack, but sometimes it is fun to mix a little bit of this or a little bit of that and come up with a yummy fruit or veggie creation.If we tried to make real food creative and fun, there's no reason our kids wouldn’t eat more of it. In the long run this will help them develop healthy habits for life. 

Feeding your children lots of fruits and veggies is not only possible but can be fun in the process! We all know that we eat with our eyes first, meaning that things have to look good before they ever get a chance to go in our mouths. This is especially true for little people! 

Below are some examples of interesting and delicious snacks that are fun and healthy to eat. They are easy summer recipes for kids and are perfect to pack for day camp or for a trip the beach!

Fruit cut up into shapes is always a winner

Fruit ice  are the easiest thing to make. So much fun!

Watermelon on a stick - voila!

Fruit in a waffle cone. Chop up some fruit and get the kids to fill their own cones

Watermelon juice on the rocks!

Lemon ice cubes to put into water. Very refreshing!

Sometimes using colourful crockery works like magic

 Eye-catching colours in a bowl! 



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