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All the Perfect Ingredients

We're into cool, quirky (with a touch of nostalgia:) and practical clothes. Butter Pudding is the antithesis of logo-brandished clothes. It’s for those who seek individuality, a little fairy dust and magic, who want, like we do, the personalities of their children to shine through their clothes, not compete with it. It’s for those who want their kids to stand out brightly from the crowd, to glisten, while not being hampered while they’re playing, learning or loving life.

Our clothing is easy to wear, comfortable, cute with practical design details. It's guaranteed to last a while and withstand more than a few washes!

We strongly believe that every child deserves a bright future and we take notice of the challenges most schools face. A portion of the proceeds from every Butter Pudding item bought is donated to a fund that will buy computer equipment for schools in need. This is our attempt to leave the world a little better that we found it.

Thank you for shopping with us!

All our clothes and accessories are made in Johannesburg, South Africa.